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Connecting to VCC Wi-Fi
How do I login to Eduroam?
Is free Wi-Fi access available to the public?
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Connecting to VCC Wi-Fi

Use the grid below to determin which SSID you can connect to:


  Wi-Fi SSIDs      
  VCC-Internal VCC-Open Access To Access Method Duration
VCC issued
 check mark  Wrong  VCC Resources Automatic Unlimited Access.
Our servers check for devices once per hour. As long as the device is properly registerd, access is granted. 
& Students
 Wrong  check mark Internet Only Employees: Username and password
Students: PIN and password
Unlimited Access.
Expires after 60 days of inactivity.
 Wrong  check mark Internet Only Self-Register. Ask your guest to connect to VCC-Open, then select "Sponsored Guests" from the VCC-Open landing page. They need to fill in all requested fields and then send. You will get an email with the access request which you must then approve. Your guest then will get a text with their login credentials. 7 Days from first sign-in.
Must register after expiration.


 Wrong  check mark Internet Only Employees:
Contact Help Desk
(ext. 8700)
TV & Film or
Contact Facilities
Optional Durations.
Start date/time and  End date/time, as well as number of participants are part of the conference setup.

How do I login to Eduroam?

If you are a visiting guest or student from another institution, please contact your institution system support to find out what credentials you need to use.

If you are a VCC staff member or student visiting another institution (outside of VCC), use the following credentials:

Staff: User ID is your email address ( and the password is your network password.
Students: User ID is your unique student number and the password is your Banner PIN.

Is free Wi-Fi access available to the public?

As a guest at VCC, 2 hours free access is available. Connect to VCC-Open, wait for the VCC Wi-Fi landing page to appear, and choose the option for 2 Hour access.
NOTE:  On some Android devices, you may need to launch your web browser manually to see the landing page.

Getting help

If you are a student or employee needing help with resetting your account password, go to the following links:

Students: - "To Reset Password" link on the left hand side

For other Wi-Fi inquiries, please contact the VCC Help Desk at 604.443.8700 or